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Last week Surfing WA Surf School assisted students from Scarborough, Deanmore and St John’s primary schools in hosting the 9th annual Interschool Surf Gala Day.

The event, which aims to celebrate local schools coming together to share in the joy of surfing in a non-competitive way, is dedicated to the Maslin family in honour of their three children, Mo, Evie, and Otis, who lived and attended school locally but tragically lost their lives, along with their grandfather, Nick Norris.

By taking part in the day, students were encouraged to embrace values such as good sportsmanship, respect, courage, fun, kindness, and humility – all attributes displayed by the three Maslin children who loved to surf. The event was rounded out with a bunch of goodies given away and a ‘Biggest Frother’ award presented to the three students who best demonstrated those qualities throughout the day.

Event organiser, Mark Carlton said the day was a monumental success, with St John’s Primary School taking part for the first time.

“Over 55 students were involved, and we had perfect conditions,” he said. “There was an abundance of fun and new friends being made, and we look forward to making next year’s event even bigger and better.”