Frequently Asked Questions

When are lessons held?

We offer lessons 7 days a week all year round, except on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Our group sessions are available on weekends and we offer special programs during every school holidays.

Which lesson is right for me?

We have lessons for beginners and more advanced surfers, and for each level we offer adult, teen and kids classes.

Our teen classes are for 13-16 year-olds, while the kids classes are for 5-12-year-olds.

What do beginners learn?

These group lessons are basically an introduction to surfing and cover all the basics so that you can experience the fun of getting up on your first wave and continuing to improve at a relaxed pace.

What is advanced surf coaching?

This is for surfers who are beyond the beginner level and looking for tips and tricks to improve their overall surfing. This level covers all stages from intermediate to high-performance. We encourage you to talk to your instructor if you have a specific goal you wish to train for.

What if I’m not a strong swimmer?

All our beginner classes are conducted in shallow waters. We’ll practice first on the beach and our experienced coaches will be with you in the water at all times. Kids simply need to feel comfortable floating on their backs.

What should I bring?

All you’ll need is swimwear. We also recommend bringing along a water bottle, a towel and some dry clothes.

What is included in the lesson?

All the equipment you’ll need is included in the lesson at no extra charge. Our coaches will select a wetsuit and board for you based on the conditions and your experience. As we are a SunSmart surf school, we provide sunscreen for all participants.

How do I book?

All our lessons can be booked online. Once you’ve selected the right lesson for you, simply follow the steps on the screen to complete your details and check out. For private lessons, we’ll contact you to work out a suitable time and location.

If you’d like more information, please contact us on 08 9448 0004 or email us at [email protected]

Can I change my lesson or time?

We try to stay flexible and can usually accommodate changes to booked lessons. We do ask that you let us know ASAP and at least 48 hours before the booking.

Please note that changes to bookings for our Kid’s Programs or Adult/Teens Holiday Programs must be made at least 48 hours prior to the first lesson of the program.

How many people are in a group?

We operate according to a maximum student-to-coach ratio. This means there’ll be a maximum of 8 students per coach for the adult classes and 5 kids per coach for kids’ classes.

What happens if it rains?

Our lessons go ahead rain, hail or shine. They’ll only ever be cancelled if the conditions are unsafe. Customers will be given a full refund or a credit if the class is cancelled by Surfing WA Surf School.

What is your cancellation policy?

Surfing lessons will not be cancelled due to rain, but may be cancelled if the weather conditions are deemed to be dangerous or too small to run a class. All customers will be given a full refund or a credit if the class is cancelled by the surf school.

Refunds or credit will be given to clients if they cancel their lesson with at least 48 hours’ notice. If clients fail to arrive they will forfeit their payment.

Please note that changes to bookings for our Kid’s Programs or Adult/Teens Holiday Programs must be made at least 48 hours prior to the first lesson of the program.

What equipment do you use?

For the safest possible experience, our surf school uses soft-top surfboards for all beginner sessions. We have 7ft and 8ft foam boards and a wide range of next-level and fun boards available for you to try. We also provide rash vests or springsuits in the summer and full steamers to keep you warm in winter.

Can I bring my own board?

Yes, if you are in a private session and mention this when you book. In our group sessions, we do prefer students to use the boards from the surf school for safety reasons.

What type of surfboard should I buy?

Buying a surfboard is a very personal decision that needs to be based on your ability, size and the type of waves you will mainly ride.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably benefit most from a foam board, usually a 7ft or 8ft. The bigger the surfboard, the more buoyant and stable they are, making it easier to paddle, catch waves and stand up.

Intermediate and advanced surfers are usually looking for something smaller and easier to turn with. There are plenty of soft-top fun boards available for this level or you may wish to transition to a fibreglass board.

Your coach can offer you some suggestions at the end of your lesson.

Where do we meet?

Our headquarters are located at Trigg Beach, where we have a dedicated building with an office at the front and an operations area (or “the shed” as we like to call it) at the back of the building. Most of our lessons are held here over spring and summer. If you meet head to the shed 5 minutes before your lessons starts, the coaches will be waiting there for you.

Over winter we move to a different location that’s more suitable for beginners at that time of the year. Usually this location is north of Mullaloo. Look for the surf van in the carpark.

You can check out the meeting points for TriggMullalooLeightonRottnest or look for “Surfing WA Surf School” on Google Maps.

Is there free parking available?

There is plenty of space available at our Trigg, Mullaloo and Leighton locations, although the car parks can get busy on warm weekends and during events. Be sure to allow plenty of time to find a parking spot so you can get to your lesson stress-free.

At Rottnest Island, you’ll need to take the shuttle bus or ride or walk to the meeting spot near Nancy Cove.

Do you have lockers or change rooms available?

There are separate male and female public change rooms located right next to our building in Trigg. We do advise to keep any valuables at home as there are no lockers. We do offer storage for your clothes and personal belongings during the lesson.