KatjaBeginner surfing

Surfing Western Australia created #BeyondWaves to get women together in & around waves and enjoy the social side of surfing. The aim is to increase participation in surfing for females in WA.

The 4 week course is designed as an introduction to surfing or catching waves combined with breathing, stretching & balance exercises to support overall surf fitness. Our team of professionally qualified surf instructors will help you to achieve your surfing goals and will make you feel totally comfortable in the ocean. A complimentary coffee or fresh juice with the group completes the whole experience.

We will be running multiple programs between October 2021 and March 2022, starting on different days and times. All programs consist of 4 x 1,5h surfing and 20 min of breathing, stretching and strengthening the core muscles, and at the end of every session we all get together to have a juice (or coffee) and have a laugh.

Courses are running on the following dates:

OCTOBER Fridays 07.45am, 08.11 to 29.11.2021
NOVEMBER Mondays 06.30am, 01.11 to 22.11.2021
NOVEMBER Tuesdays 08am, 02.11 to 23.11.2021
DECEMBER Mondays 06.30am, 06.12 to 27.12.2021
DECEMBER Wednesdays 10.30am, 08.01 to 29.01.2021
JANUARY Fridays 06.30am, 07.01 to 28.01.2022
JANUARY Fridays 08.30am, 07.01 to 28.01.2022
JANUARY Fridays 10.30am, 07.01 to 28.01.2022

Sound like you? Visit our booking page to sign up or get in touch if you'd like to know more about the program.